What was the purpose of the USA’s invasion of Afghanistan?

The Al-Qaida slaughtered innocent people in New York by crashing planes onto buildings. But the Afghan people were innocent and had no role in this barbaric slaughter of the innocent – made up of people from many corners of the world, including Bangladesh. The USA’s invasion of Afghanistan, and the subsequent occupation of the country, […]

Being critical should be separated from nationalistic hatred

By M Ahmedullah (From a Facebook post on 7 June 2016) There is a danger that when criticising the British Empire for all its crimes – exploitation of people around the world in unprecedented ways; the violent takeover of large tracts of lands around the world; displacement of people from their ancestral lands; genocides of […]

Problems of history

People study history for many reasons, and I will not try to provide a list in this regard. I want to talk about some problems that arise from history. History is full of wars, conflicts, genocides; rise and decline of power; population movements; growth of knowledge, innovations and discoveries; etc. Those who study history seriously […]

Pemba, the first conflict grave of the English East India Company

(You may want to read my article in the Muslim News) ‘On December 21, 1608, a strange exchange transpired onboard the Ascension, the flagship of the fourth voyage of the East India Company. This was between the crew and a group of six or eight captives brought on board after the English captured their three […]

Francis Drake (1579) and Henry Middleton (1605)

Two Englishmen in Ternate (You may want to read my article in the Memorients) ‘Ternate is a small, cone-shaped volcanic island in North Maluku (present-day Indonesia), the most important of the several original homes of cloves, the highly sought-after spice. I took a domestic flight from Jakarta to Ternate on 14 September 2018 and stayed […]

The proposed law against hurting religious sentiment in Bangladesh will actually hurt religion

By M Ahmedullah, 20 May 2016 There is a current draft law in Bangladesh prepared to deal with cybercrime. It includes ‘deliberately defaming someone or hurting anyone’s religious sentiment’. It stipulates a sentence of two years imprisonment. Of course, defaming someone innocent by someone who has access to the internet is unacceptable. Only proper evidence-based […]

An assertive multi-culturalism can deal with the xenophobic forces unleashed by the ‘muscular liberalism’ of the Tories

Anti-multi-culturalism in a diverse society is a recipe for conflicts and disasters By M Ahmedullah, 25 June 2016 The relentless attacks on British multi-culturalism by the Tories after coming to power in 2010, to replace it with what they call ‘muscular liberalism’, have unleashed ugly xenophobic forces in the country. The Tories and their supporters […]