Is the idea of the ‘Bengal Renaissance’ misguided and harmful?

During the last several centuries, most societies in the world underwent massive changes and transformations, caused by western colonialism and exploitation; western ideas and literature; western science and technology; and western economic, political and value systems. The colonial masters carefully guided, nurtured and influenced certain changes in the lands and countries they controlled that they […]

Did the British cut off the hands, thumbs and tongues of Bengal weavers?

Did the British, under the East India Company’s rule, cut off Bengal weavers’ hands or thumbs and tongues to destroy the famous Bengal textile industry, particularly the weaving of the muslin fabrics? Since I was young I heard people – family members, teachers, community leaders, friends, media and so on – talking about how the […]

Does the Awami League have more rights to govern Bangladesh and determine its future than any other groups?

I have slightly edited something that I posted on Facebook more than five years ago, which was also published in Dhaka Tribune with a slightly different title. I feel, to be able to create a better future for our country and the world as a whole, we all have to participate in a quest to […]