What was the purpose of the USA’s invasion of Afghanistan?

US Air Force B-52 Drops Record Number of Precision Bombs on Taliban

The Al-Qaida slaughtered innocent people in New York by crashing planes onto buildings. But the Afghan people were innocent and had no role in this barbaric slaughter of the innocent – made up of people from many corners of the world, including Bangladesh.

The USA’s invasion of Afghanistan, and the subsequent occupation of the country, caused the deaths of thousands of Afghan civilians. America promised a section of the Afghan people that they would stand behind them and demanded their support for the American mission. But at the same time, their drones continued to kill innocent Afghans.

After a lot of promises, and creating many dependent people and spies for America, the USA has now abandoned them at the mercy of the brutal and barbaric Taliban.

Shortly after invading Afghanistan, the USA used the changed situation in the world in the aftermath of the 9/11 slaughter to carry out the totally unnecessary illegal Iraq war. That war killed people in their hundreds of thousands, who were totally innocent and had no role in the 9/11 slaughter.

The Wages of War Without Strategy

If we look back in history, both recent and during the birth of the USA and afterwards, you can see that America has been responsible for killing more people in the world than any other country. It’s a war-mongering country. It near totally annihilated the native peoples that consisted of many nations and tribes, with only a few survivors scattered in what they call reservations. Everyone else from around the world is enjoying the resources and beauty of the land called the USA, except the native people who are still othered, marginalised and delegitimised.

When Native Americans Were Slaughtered in the Name of 'Civilization' -  HISTORY

Although the USA is still the most advanced country in the world and has the strongest military and economy, and also has strong alliances primarily with its Anglo-Saxon cousins in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as Israel and the less influential India, America’s influence and power are already showing signs of waning, relatively speaking, especially with the rise of China.

Unlike Russia, China has a strong economic base and technological growth potential, which it can use to maintain its economic and military development. This means that although the USA and its alliances will still be the most powerful in the world for a long time to come, its power will necessarily decline in relative terms due to the rise of China and the economic and technological developments that are taking place in many countries across the globe.

China Military Parade 2015 - National Flag Raising Ceremony - YouTube

But this is not necessarily going to be something positive for the world. As the USA declines in relative terms, it may become more unstable with the reduction of respect and influence around the world. And the country will inevitably elect new Trumps in the future, who may be more dangerous than the first Trump, with a view to regaining American losing influence.

I would encourage people not to get involved with any of the USA government policies and programmes as they will only invite you with threats or financial incentives to be their spies and do their dirty work. Just like most places in the world, the USA also has millions of good people, both white and non-white. We should only work with them for the good of the world.

The war in Afghanistan was totally unnecessary and the Iraq war that followed was even more unnecessary as well as being criminal. Who will bring to justice those people who have been responsible for the mayhem in the Middle East, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also in Syria? I believe it was the result of the USA invasions and their attempts to divert attention to their failures in Afghanistan and Iraq that they engineered the devastating civil war in Syria, which also served Israel’s strategic interest.

It looks like the Taliban will take over Afghanistan totally. I fear for the girls and women of Afganistan the most. The Afghan nightmare caused by the forty years of foreign invasions and war will continue for many years to come.

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